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I had slipped a disc at work and was prescribed Physical Therapy. I first went to a Chiropractor who recommended a lifelong adjustment plan with a lifelong bill. Nuha’s approach was so different, she wanted to heal me so that I did not have to see her every week. She took care to make sure I was performing the stretches and exercises properly and corrected my movements. I also had pre-existing sciatic nerve pain in my right leg, especially when driving, before I started seeing Nuha. After my therapy, my sciatic nerve pain also subsided. Further, Nuha was a pleasure to work with! Attending physical therapy is not always the most exciting of activities, but Nuha made it fun and took the time to get to know me personally. I am 40 with two active tween boys, which she took into account during my treatment and for my discharge plan. Honestly, I have never felt better, even before I hurt myself. I would recommend Nuha Hasan to anyone who is seeking long-term physical therapy solutions.

- Kacy, Homewood, IL

"Nuha Hasan in my opinion has saved my life. I am a CDL-A licensed truck driver. Back in January 2016 I was injured at work. A 600+lb bale of poly-fill fell out of a trailer landing on my back and right shoulder. I continued to work when I was rear-ended in my semi truck three weeks later. Throughout eight months of random, "industry standard" physical therapy and no real pain treatment/management, my pain levels had never decreased, and in some aspects had gotten worse. The doctors had recommended individual, injury and patient specific PT, as well as pain injections. Once released by WC, but still in excruciating pain all of the time, not able to lift, climb or even sleep, let alone safely operate my big truck for work, I went to my private physician who then referred me to a pain management doctor and to Nuha Hasan for physical therapy.
I am 5'7" 135 lbs and have been physically fit, strong and athletically active all of my life. Many of my previous doctors and physical therapists looked at me visually and assumed nothing was wrong based on my physical appearance. I was mobile and semi-functional, but never free from pain and very limited in every aspect of my day to day life. Nuha had taken the time to not only listen to me explain my issues, but evaluated me from head to toe and immediately started to formulate an individual course of action that was for me alone and based solely on my condition. Nuha's passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for her work, as well as her compassion for her clients is apparent and expressed openly in her bubbly spirit and open personality. Nuha took the time to consider my individual injury as mine alone, and explained that each individual person may react to the same treatment differently.
When I said that Nuha saved my life, I believe that to be true. Without Nuha Hasan as my physical therapist paying very specific attention to me and my injuries as an individual, I wasn't sure if I would have ever returned to my chosen profession, of which I love, or to the sports and hobbies I enjoy so much. My life would've had a much different outlook, filled with pain and limited mobility, had I never had the opportunity to be treated by Nuha. I continue my home therapy daily and thank Nuha everyday for giving me the opportunity to literally "live."

- Valarie, Worth, IL

I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with the treatment I received from Nuha Hasan. She treated me on three separate occasions for three different injuries and she never failed to find a solution to my problem. Nuha's expertise, attention, and care is why I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Jason, Orland Park, IL

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