People Who We Help Include…

Active adults who want to stay fit and healthy for their next workout or favorite sport/activity.

Busy moms who have a hard time taking care of their kids because of nagging neck or back pain.

Well informed men and women dissatisfied with the failing healthcare system who want to make their own healthcare decisions for their own best interest.

Runners who want to overcome that next marathon or just a simple run without pain or stiffness.

Young women diagnosed with “patellofemoral syndrome” (knee) and not given any answers or solutions to their knee pain.

Active grandparents who want to get back to enjoying playing with their grandchildren without pain or stiffness.

Workers who suffer from missed work days and financial loss because of disabling pain.

Family-oriented and hardworking dads who not only want to have energy for work, but enjoy fun activities with their family.

Rational men and women who don't want to fix their pain with painkillers, injections, or surgery.

Nuha Hasan, PT, DPT

Founder of Ascend Physical Therapy

Dr. Nuha Hasan graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Midwestern University. As the owner of Ascend Physical Therapy in Orland Park, IL, Nuha is a leading physical therapist in the Southwest Suburban Chicago area, and works with active adults to relieve pain and help them return to their lifestyle without the need for medications, injections, or surgery. Dr. Hasan has knowledge and expertise with movement dysfunction in active adults, women’s health, dry needling, and myofascial release, just to name a few.

She founded Ascend Physical Therapy because she became frustrated with the failing healthcare system that not only limits therapy visits, but typically denies coverage for those who need it most. These restrictions would cripple therapy clinics and force them to schedule multiple patients at once just to stay afloat, which greatly impacted their quality of care. Nuha’s practice takes therapy to a completely different level as she specializes in treating individuals with conditions that have not responded to conventional physical therapy, through one on one HANDS ON therapy sessions leading to less overall visits and a greater outcome. Nuha’s aim is to achieve maximum results in minimal time throughout the entire plan of care, with the goal of relieving pain, reducing dysfunction, and improving overall quality of life without expensive tests or treatments.

Dr. Hasan has a passion for helping people with their pain, and found that becoming a physical therapist was the best way to do just that. She applies a comprehensive approach to care by integrating patient education, specialized hands on techniques, and collaborating with the patient and other healthcare providers to achieve the best health outcome.

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